Mac MaolŠin

Alumnus of Columcille (Gille Collum):

 In diverse Irish annals and charters to to the Book of Kells, we learn that our ancestors were in addition to being Chieftains of the Luighne and Gaileanga territories, also active members of monastic order referred to as  "Alumnus of Columcille" which in the era we are researching 9th to 13th century, had attained status of "Primate Monastic and Educational Site" linked to that order, with the monks from Iona in Scotland (the former centre) having returned to Kells Meath about 150 years before, along with the relics of "Columcille" based on constant Viking attacks and their presence in Iona.

Evidence of our involvement begins with Lynan Mac Maolain recorded in the Book of Kells (UCC CORK EXTRACTS):


The tribal links to monastic sites such as Clonmacnoise and Bealach Duin (Keim Castlekeeran) are recorded earlier