Mac MaolŠin

General Information

Information: Your interest in our Clan is appreciated. Our website is designed as an informational hub, and not intended to be interactive. Those of the surname linked to Leinster families of Mac Maolain, are invited to contact us using the email address below, should they have a desire for more information or wish to join our Clan Association (application process below).

Those of the surname, wishing more details about it, or any of the historic information we have posted, are also invited to contact us directly using the same email address:


YDNA genetic testing

Viewers wishing to research the option of genetic testing to determine their personal Y-DNA (male line haplogroup) can join the Mullen-McMullen  project, which is found at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA):

This form of testing allows you to determine which of the various ancient male lines that evolved to the surname Mullan or McMullan (plus all variants) you are personally descended from.

Those already tested in either YDNA or the autosomal form (ADNA maternal/paternal grandparents) can contact the above email for analysis of a connection to McMullen Leinster.

Clan Association Membership Application:

Membership in the Clan Mac Maoláin association is open to any individual, bearing a Clan authenticated variant surname and descended from an ancestor of native Irish origin associated with Mac Maolain (McMullen) Leinster.

Your membership once approved, will automatically include membership privileges for your spouse and dependent family members.

Associate membership is available on application to those who may have an interest in the history or genealogy of the Mac Maoláin Clan of Leinster (e.g a maternal linked family).

To join Clan Mac Maoláin, please use the contact email provided and, as a minimum provide our clan registrar a brief summary of where your Irish ancestors were originally located in Ireland, when they emigrated if that was the case, plus where you are located today.

Acceptance of an application for membership is subject to the approval of a majority of McMullen Clan Council members.

There are no fees for membership.  Occasionally the Clan may create events to generate income or reunion opportunities. Purchase of any Clan offered specific item is intended to help generate the small amounts of income needed to offset our website and domain registration, our clans of Ireland registration and clan event expenses.

The clan registrar "will delete" from our membership any person who posts by email or any other method, political, religious or contentious comments considered incompatible with an association objective of being:

1.a sanctioned member of the Clans of Ireland, based in the Republic of Ireland;

2.genetic descendants of native Irish families formerly or currently located in either the Republic or Northern counties of Ireland; and

3. a sincere commitment in the form of those posted comments to the celebration of our Irish ethnicity, void of religious, political or social media diatribe.