Mac MaolŠin

McMullen Builder's



McMullen families of South Ireland  commencing 17th century, contributed their skills in construction and management of mills in Co. Kilkenny, construction and administration of the Grand Canal project, design and construction of many outstanding church projects in the county of Cork, department stores in Cork City, plus renovations to the Mansion House, residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

Here are some pictures of buildings our ancestors contributed to: 

 St Mary's Ballincollig Cork        Honan Chapel Cork University


   Coleman Cathedral Cobh

St Coleman's Cathedral Cobh (McMullen builders along with the Sisk co.); Church of the Immaculate Conception Co. Cork (McMullen Architects); St Marys & St John's Ballincollig Co. Cork (McMullen builder); the Honan Chapel Cork University (McMullen Architect) and the Mansion House Dublin (McMullen revovator)



 1927, Co. Cork, Cork, department stores, James F. McMullen, St. Patrick's Street Cork

Architect: James F. McMullen